Rehearsing In The Zone

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Rehearsals can be challenging without a director. Students are required to rehearse independently with their scene partner but often not taught the tools of how to rehearse.

Without a leader, actors often don’t know what to accomplish in rehearsal and end up accomplishing nothing or at best telling each other what to do.

Maria Cominis Glaudini’s Rehearsing In The Zone is the actor’s road map to independent rehearsal. Each Zone provides tool to prepare for rehearsal and goals to achieve in rehearsal. Partners will learn how to respectfully allow each other to explore their choices without judgment or contradiction and work collaboratively through specificity and concentration. Prepare, practice and take ownership of your work.

In Rehearsing in the Zone, students will:

  • Discover pre-rehearsal preparation tools.
  • Use time efficiently and establish a work ethic
  • Apply technique (any acting technique)
  • Gain confidence with a strong point of view
  • Eliminate actor conflicts
  • Implement strong character-driven choices from the beginning
  • Find rehearsal an exciting and creative place to discover

Also, teachers will:

  • Find students more prepared
  • Raise the level of the class
  • Reduce potential student conflicts
  • Eliminate resistance

Rehearsing In The Zone, Ed. 3, 2020

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This edition includes an online companion which will demonstrate Zone rehearsals in process. Interactive activities on key terms, seeking objective and resources to help students take analysis of the play on stage through e


Rehearsing in the Zone 1st edition was reviewed in 2015 in Methods Journal.

Rehearsing in the Zone: A Practical Guide to Rehearsing without a Director is an easy-to-read concise and well-worded guide to understanding how to build a character. It is also a guide to professional comportment as a actor – knowing that is important for acting students to know for whatever job they choose.

Marnie Andrews – State University of New York at Albany

Rehearsing in the Zone is an essential tome for any actor or acting teacher wishing to instill in their craft the highest rehearsal standards.

Hugh O’Gorman, Professor and Head of Performance at California State University Long Beach

Rehearsing in the Zone is a brilliant guide. Actors get more accomplished in a 20 minute rehearsal using this technique than I have ever seen. It explores the core concepts of text analysis and turns them into action in the rehearsal.

Christopher Shaw, Assistant Professor of Theatre Practice in Acting and Directing at USC School of Dramatic Arts

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