Women of Zalongo

National Endowment of the Arts recipient, 2022 SEMI-FINALIST: Eugene O’Neil National Playwright’s Conference 2022, Bay Area Playwright’s Festival ’20, HB Rehearsal Space Residency, 2023

Family secrets and intergenerational trauma erupt, leading four generations of Greek women to draw upon the courage of their ancestors whose historical defiant act of bravery help them break their silence.

Monologues from Women of Zalongo can be found in the newly published collection: The Best Women’s Monologues 2023 Smith and Kraus Publishing

“…an inventive play that champions women’s rights, women’s ingenuity, and the difficult choices they encounter and as such it is worth viewing. It will be a cause for celebration as well as a source for discussion.” -National Herald

“The play is a moving testament to women’s resilience, both in the past and present and highlights the importance of speaking up to violence instead of staying silent.” -Daily Titan

artwork by Brigitte Lopez


2023 Semi-finalist in the Dramatists Guild Fellowship

A Snowy white owl arrives in a Southern California suburb during the Christmas Season. Some thing it’s the Messiah, some are ecstatic to witness the mystical bird out of its element and some want it to leave. Why did this beautiful creature choose them, a community divided about everything.

Artwork by Brigitte Lopez